Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My new baby: Neo Geo MVS!

Around 1994 when everyone was getting excited about the PS1 and Saturn there was only one console that I wanted, a Neo Geo CD. I was a bit obsessed with fighting games in those days and was reading at the time about how SNK's fighters like King of Fighters 94 and Samurai Showdown 2 were way better than anything Capcom or any other company was putting out at the time. Of course the only way I could play them was in the arcade and my parents didn't like me hanging out in arcades back then.

Since then however I've realised that getting a Neo Geo CD would have been absolute folly due to the unbearable load times in most games, as demonstrated in the video below. The real way to play Neo Geo was on an AES home console or a MVS arcade system. Not being a multi millionaire means that the MVS was more within my price range but it still always remained out of my reach. Until now that is.

May I present to you my new baby in all its exposed circuit board glory. It's been a dream of mine to own for the last 15+ years but finally I get to own one :

Excuse the mess and the terrible picture quality. It might not be pretty but what it does makes up for it:

Anyway I hope I can get a few more MVS games together and can write about them. Been busy the last few days since I'll be in a play next week and am up to my eyes with rehearsals.


  1. Wow! Congreat, Retr0gamer :) So, does the MVS system accept the same carts as the AES home system? Also, which other games do you have your eye on?

    1. Nope doesn't take AES cartridges only MVS ones. To be honest with the prices AES cartridges go for you are better off with MVS unless you are ridiculously wealthy. Have my eye on Garou, Waku Waku 7, the rest of the Metal Slug series. Maybe prehistoric isle and blazing star if I'm feeling particularly affluent :) The games seem to be cheap enough, it's the shipping since they are so big which is the killer. There's plenty of other games I want to get as well but at the moment I'll be concentrating on getting my DS collection in order and pick up one or two of the cheap oldies.

  2. How's the stick holding up?

    If you don't like it, you can always mod another stick into DB-15 since the NeoGeo doesn't use a controller PCB.

    1. The stick is ok, but not the best. The buttons though are really horrible, there's way too much give until they register and with SNK games requiring multiple button inputs for moves you really need sensitive ones. I might just try building a stick and wiring it to the supergun but it will have to wait, lack of funds and all that.

      The neo geo sticks are just handy because the MVS board I have lets you plug them straight into it. I don't really want to mod the stick though, it's a piece of history :)